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Turkey’s Payment Plan

Whatever the size of your order you can take advantage of Turkey’s Payment Plan. Send me the figures (or the money to buy them) then you decide how you want to pay.

You can pay in full when the figures are ready or in monthly or weekly instalments.

We can send your figures as your payments progress.

For example - 5 x 20 figure Regiments (25mm foot) on the Army Builder Plan would equal £320. You can pay over 10 months at £32 per month. After 2 payments you will have paid for 1 Regiment and this can be shipped to you. Or you can wait until you have paid in full and receive the total order in one go.

Note - Separate shipments will increase the package and postage costs.

Painted American Cheerleader figure

Special Gifts or Awards

Why not buy a loved one a special figure (or group) for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary present or simply as an award.

Contact me in advance, spread the payments and bask in their un-dying love and affection.

“You can’t put a price on that!”