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Price List (The painful bit!)

6mm (1/300) foot £0.50
6mm mounted £0.80
10mm foot £0.70
10mm mounted £1.00
15mm foot £1.25
15mm mounted £2.00
20mm (1/72) foot (metal) £1.75
20mm mounted (metal) £3.00
20mm (1/72) foot (soft plastic/Airfix type)* £1.85
20mm mounted (soft plastic/Airfix type)* £3.00
25mm foot £3.25
25mm mounted £5.50
28mm foot (plastic/metal) £3.25
28mm mounted (plastic/metal) £5.50
Guns, cannons, chariots etc 2 x foot figure price
Vehicles please enquire
Army builder click for service

NOTE - You won’t see the dreaded ‘from’ on our price list, all prices include basic basing and command figures.

* soft plastic figures require preparing before painting hence the additional cost.